My Most Anticipated Launch Game for Xbox One – Titan Fall – Preview

Titan Fall is a mix of Call of Duty, Gears of War and Mechwarrior all wrapped up in a nice next gen package. Judging from the gameplay, I expect a lot of emphasis on mech combat (they’re called Titans in this game) with a sprinkle of ground-based combat for good measure. The glimpse of the single player campaign in this video is promising enough that I wont immediately go online. I don’t want to say the H word, but it comes close to Bungie’s original baby. What I do want is the ability to upgrade and customize the titans so that each one is specific to a particular player’s taste. There was something similar to this in a game I used to play on AOL called Multiplayer Battletech. The community surrounding that game was phenomenal in the 90’s. I’m hoping for a return to that with Titan Fall.

    AOL’s Multiplayer Battletech – Forgive the graphics, but this was in the mid 90’s.