Martian Manhunter added to the Injustice: Gods Among Us Roster

I’m not familiar with Martian Manhunter because I’m more of a Marvel man, but I’ve seen J’onn J’onzz in several DC properties. He looks like a relentless fighter with some amazing powers. I don’t have the reservations about downloading him that I did for General Zod. Let me introduce, Martian Manhunter.

Rogue Legacy Review

You know what’s all the rage nowadays? Bloated, convoluted, sappy, drippy stories in the middle of my video game. Hate it. In mind, the main story beats in Rogue Legacy are appropriately badass yet not shoved down your throat. You are one of the ever-succeeding line of knights that heroically throw themselves into the maw of a malevolent Castle Hamson. You die, leaving all your treasure to your children, and they take up your cause only to die and die again. That’s it.

But seriously, forget about the story and relish in the gameplay, because it is practically perfect. Rogue Legacy is the most comfortable and most fluent game I have played in a long while. It eschews story for execution, perfecting the semi-rogue-like formula first made famous by the Infinity Blade series. There is a confidence to the game that permeates every part of it and the willingness to break from its own genre make it truly special.

Here’s the trailer.

Here’s a quick peek into 2 generations of my legacy. Excuse the lag.

My Most Anticipated Launch Game for Xbox One – Titan Fall – Preview

Titan Fall is a mix of Call of Duty, Gears of War and Mechwarrior all wrapped up in a nice next gen package. Judging from the gameplay, I expect a lot of emphasis on mech combat (they’re called Titans in this game) with a sprinkle of ground-based combat for good measure. The glimpse of the single player campaign in this video is promising enough that I wont immediately go online. I don’t want to say the H word, but it comes close to Bungie’s original baby. What I do want is the ability to upgrade and customize the titans so that each one is specific to a particular player’s taste. There was something similar to this in a game I used to play on AOL called Multiplayer Battletech. The community surrounding that game was phenomenal in the 90’s. I’m hoping for a return to that with Titan Fall.

    AOL’s Multiplayer Battletech – Forgive the graphics, but this was in the mid 90’s.